Sunday, 5 January 2014

25, 12th night and a couple of pounds of carrots

I can't believe that she is 25! Already!  Where did that time go? Does not seem that long ago that I spent Christmas waiting for her to arrive!

 Happy Birthday Alice!

She was quite impressed that I had found some Miffy wrapping paper.  Not sure that we wanted to eat any more cake as we had so much at Christmas, so instead I made Macaroons.  That were a bit of a faff, as I made 3 colours, but for a first attempt not too bad.  They looked like macaroons and tasted like macaroons, but each one was a different size!  I must learn to control the piping bag better.

 This is my Amaryllis bulb after one week of growing!  I was very pleased to be given this for Christmas and hope it continues to grow.

 Can it really be 5 weeks since the decorations came down from the loft?  We ate our dinner from the Reindeer plates for one last time last night and now everything is packed up and back in the loft..............until next December.....

 A quick walk to our lovely allotment this afternoon, it is looking well.  All the beds not in use are dug over and manured.

Still some brussell sprouts to pick.

The leeks are beginning to grow, I don't seem to have much luck with them, perhaps this year will be better.

But what has done well is carrots!  We have had loads and pulled up these today.  Will use them to make some parsnip and carrot soup.



Tracy said...

Happy Birthday to your daughter x you are very organised with your allotment I have three potagers but I haven't a clue where to start!!

Kezzie said...

happy birthday to her!
Ooooh, I bet those carrots are delicious!!!

Tammy Chrzan said...

I can almost smell that lovely dark dirt, I like the smell of dirt after a rain...
Happy Birthday to your daughter, It looks like it was a great day!
I still don't have all of my decs down and can you believe I have never had a macroon?
Much love to you,
PS... If I didn't remember to tell you, I hope you have a peaceful, healthy and loving New Year!

Mrs. D said...

Happy birthday :)
Did you get the Miffy paper from TK Maxx? I got some Miffy paper before Christmas. I bought a few packages, as I like to hoard bargains when I find them :)