Tuesday, 21 January 2014

Prickly I apple

Picked up this pineapple at the market on Saturday morning for just 80p. Which I thought was a bargain!
I looked at the label this morning and noticed that it is from Costa Rica, which reminded me of the time Alice spent there when she went travelling a couple of years ago and that when she was little she called pineapples "prickly i apples"
Each morning I chop up some fruit and pop into tubs for me and Mr HH. This makes me eat some fruit as it is easy to eat like this, somehow I can't just pick up an apple or orange and eat it. Also this way is easier when I am working.
So today we had pineapple and satsumas - lovely!
The pineapple peal filled my compost bucket to overflowing which meant a walk down the garden to the compost bin to empty it- should I get a bigger bucket?


Amanda Graham said...

Your picturesmade me smile- I could just eat a nice big juicy pineapple- When I was younger I was always amazed to find out that they grow on the ground. Prickly apples sounds a great name for them.
On a totally different matter- did you receive an email from me ? As I'm not sure if I managed to send it or not. Thanks. Have a good day x

greenthumb said...

I do love a sweet juice pineapple also.

Katie said...

Hi Lizzy - it's Katie from Mummy Adventures here. I'm your swap partner for the Share your Country swap that Kimberley at Creative Chaos is hosting!
Can you email me a note of your address please? My email is katie@mummy-adventures.com
Look forward to hearing from you!

Kezzie said...

Mmmmmm. Wish I could be bothered to chop a pineapple! You have such a stylish compost bin!! x