Sunday, 26 January 2014

Something to sit on

 Ta Da!
 The wind is howling, the rain is lashing down, what to do but stay indoors and crochet.  The chair cushion is now finished.

 Started a couple of weeks ago, choose 9 shades of blue and green for the centre then a round of grey, a round of cream and a round of green. All wool left over from other projects.  Nine granny squares altogether.

Joined them together with more green and then two more rounds of green around the whole lot.

And it came out like this.

I made a cover out of fleece and edged the flap with a row of green shell edging.

Pinned the crochet to the cover
And hand-stitched it on.

Here it is on it's chair

And the other three.  The one on the left was my practice ripple, to learn how to ripple before I started my blanket.  The one in the middle is just one big granny square, made when I was between projects and just wanted something to do.

And here they all are around the table!  Just one more to make, but that can wait for a bit, got a little something else on the go now.

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A Frugal Mrs said...

They look great on the chairs..very nice indeed. :) AFM xx