Friday, 31 January 2014

January scavenger hunt

Well, here we go again, here are my photos for the January Scavenger hunt, organised by Greenthumb at Made with love  just click on the link to see what everyone else has found or even to take part yourself!

J IS FOR ............  Jared  my son, who celebrated his 22nd birthday on the 10th of this monthChocolate cake as usual!

LOOKING DOWN  taken from the 2 floor next to the lift, looking down into the fish pond.  Inside Essex County Council, County Hall.

A CORNER.  Wherry corner in Manningtree, looking down from the end of the High street to the river Stour.  As you turn the corner it becomes Mistley

COLOUR - bought some wool to start a new project.  Spring colours to make a spring wreath, something like this Attic 24's beautiful Easter Wreath  we will see!

FRUIT -  my fruit bowl after a shopping trip to the market on Saturday. A pineapple, oranges, apples and bananas.

MEMEASUREMENT- measuring my sock with my new Cath Kidston tape measure (I just love the noise it makes, click click click as you pull it out and then wirrrrr as you push the button to wind it up!!!!!!!) 

1 p.m. on Sunday afternoon.  My mantlepiece is looking rather bare. The Christmas decorations have long gone, two lots of birthday cards and banner have been up and taken down, all that remains are 3 felt owls and the clock, but no dust!

CROWD  We went to Portabello Road market for Birthday shopping for Alice, just after Christmas and it was very crowded, where do all these people come from. Had to take a photo of this shop, obviously!  Got some great bargains that day, well worth a trip.

NATURAL - carrots freshly dug from my allotment, covered in natural earth and very tasty (after a good wash).

ROOF - the roof of our shed that we Mr HH  built.  It overhangs a bit so that I have a shady place to sit under, or indeed a dry place!

HAT  - Alice wearing a lovely hat at a family wedding last summer

STAMP - I have no idea why I have so many 2nd class stamps, hardly ever send a letter these days.


Louise said...

A lovely collection of photos :)
Thanks for your kind comment on my scavenger post too.

dosierosie said...

Lovely photos. I like the new shed.

greenthumb said...

Thanks for taking part in this months Scavenger hunt, another great group of photos. I like you photos of natural, roof, and measurement. Greenthumb.

Amy at love made my home said...

Hello, I am new to your blog, but looking forward to reading along. Love your photos - the shed roof looks amazing, it will be a great place to sit out under in the summer! xx

Fundy Blue said...

Hi Lizzy ~ Another great collection of photos! What a cute son you have! I've just taken up knitting again, after a break of over 30 years ~ not that I was ever a great knitter! A sock is well beyond me at this point, but I found that photo and your yarn photos inspiring! Happy week!

Julie said...

A great selection. I really like corner and those lovely carrots. x

Tammy Chrzan said...

Your son is just too cute! Happy Birthday to him! Alice is just gorgeous and I love her dress! I love this game when you play it, I'll have to participate some time... When is the best time to go to that Market? I've always wanted to go, I will visit Burough Market when I'm in London next.
I hope you have an absolutely wonderful week,
Much love,

Kezzie said...

What fabulous photos!!! Alice's hat is coooooooool!!! I love your son's stance in that shot- he's enjoying his moment!x

Earthworms and Marmalade said...

I love the pictures around your neck of the woods! The buildings are so cool. Your knitting is beautiful!