Monday, 28 January 2013


As I might have mentioned before, my sisters first baby was born in November far away in Hong Kong, so it has been some weeks until I have been able to meet him.  

Three days before they were due home I got a cold, thought it might blow over, but no, it was a heavy cold that needed a day off work and a whole box of tissues.  I couldn't take that to a new baby.

And then it snowed, or it threatened to snow.  I managed to see them for an hour or so, before it started to snow heavily and didn't dare risk the roads. 

More days passed with snow, ice and work commitments so I couldn't visit.

Then last Thursday I had a day off, the snow had gone and I spent all day with baby Arlo and my sister 
And here we are having a chat. My beautiful youngest nephew!  Now 9 weeks old.
Was able to spend another day with him on Saturday, but had to share the cuddles with all the family.  We were all together, except for Alice!!! 

Looking forward to the next time.....




joy said...

He's gorgeous, so pleased you were able to see him at long last xx

Tammy Chrzan said...

Nothing is better than a baby!! Your family is blessed! Congratulations to your sister!