Wednesday, 23 January 2013


Until recently I didn't really know where Siberia was, the only thing I knew was that it was cold.  But since Alice went to work there, it seems to crop up everywhere I look!

The other day I picked up the paper and saw that the Russian State Ballet of Siberia were performing in Ipswich ( did wonder if they would be able to take a parcel back for her!!)
 Artist photo
Formed in 1981, The Russian State Ballet of Siberia has now established itself as one of Russia’s leading ballet companies and has built an international reputation for delivering performances of outstanding quality and unusual depth. Both the soloists and the corps de ballet have been highly praised by critics, and never fail to delight audiences with their breathtaking ability and dazzling costumes.
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Siberian Tigers on the telly.  TIGERS!  What just wandering around Novosibirsk or perhaps a little bit more remote.  Think I had better warn Alice to watch out!
Overheard someone talking about their new dog -  a Siberian Husky!  What in Manningtree?  Yes.  Looked them up, apparently these dogs are the nearest pet dogs to wolves, need loads of exercise and grooming.
 husky dog
Then a programme on the telly about Wooly Mammoths, some scientists are finding bones and tusks all over Siberia!!  They are now extinct but used to roam the Steppe.  A bit like elephants, except bigger, with much bigger tusks and hairy (probably need a lot of grooming like the huskies!) 

Watch out Alice, there are some strange things out there in the snow!!


Tracy said...

It's funny how that happens isn't it. I'd love to know what Alice is up to out in siberia?

Alice said...

Check out my blog! ^^

Ha don't worry I think the only animals like that are in the zoo. The best one I saw was this small black thing moving around in the snow - I wasn't sure if it was a small mouse or something but it moved sort of like a cockroach, and then it managed to cross the road, dodged all the cars, and then a big bird swooped down, picked it up and flew off.

Blueberry Heart said...

wow - Siberia! and we have been struggling with the weather here! must have been a walk in the park for your daughter!
BH x