Tuesday, 29 January 2013


Taking part in a photo scavenger hunt organised by Green Thumb over at Made with love
Photo Scavenger Hunt 2013

Here are my January photos

COLD - The display in my car one vey chilly morning

 WARM - some pumpkin soup

SIGN - The notice board in Manningtree.  Apparantly "You are in the right place"

FOOD - well it would have to be the delious chocolate cake that Alice made for Jared's 21st Birthday

12 - or a dozen?  Eggs laid by my girls 

PRODUCE - from my allotment on the last Sunday in January  - a cabbage, two leeks, some beetroot, 4 turnips and just enough sprouts
BLUE - ah! this was an easy one, I knew exactly what to photo.
In the minutes of the Town Council, the Mayor requested that next time could the algae treatment be clear and not BLUE!!

MAILBOX - could do with a wash!

 A VIEW - under the big old tree

REFLECTION - me in Top Shop

A STATUE- not an easy one, we don't seem to have any statues in the area.  But remembered the one that lives at the bottom of the garden.  Betty had to get in the photo too!

DOOR  - My front door with balloons for Jareds 21st Birthday.  Alice tied them to the knocker which knocked all day as it was a bit windy!!

 Well that is forthis month, it has been fun looking.  I wonder what will be on the list next time?


joy said...

Great selection Lizzy, I've still got a couple to find before I've finished for this month, best get a move on.

Tracy said...

Great photos lizzy I still need to get most of mine might need to get out tomorrow and get snapping.

Helen said...

Hi Lizzy, thanks so much for visiting my blog and for the lovely comments that you've left. It's been a pleasure discovering your space here and I love your January photos - that cake looks amazing!x

Tammy Chrzan said...

Oooooo I love these photos!!
I should have joined... it looks like fun!

VintageVicki said...

I have just 2 more photos to take and then I can do my post - must get them taken today.

Yours look lovely :)

Dawn said...

You are an early bird! I still have a couple to do but hope to post them tomorrow. Cake looks yummy!

greenthumb said...

Thanks for taking part in the Scavenger hunt and being the first one to post. Love the photos of the eggs and the mail box. the list is up for next month, have fun Februarys list.

Rose Fern said...

Hi Lizzy! I also took part in the Hunt and I had trouble finding a statue. I like your reflection photo!It's funny!

Glo said...

Really enjoyed seeing your selection of photos ~ always fun to see different parts of the world in the process :) How lovely to have fresh eggs from your chickens and your hand-picked produce looks like a great variety. Cake - scrumptious! and congratulations to the birthday fellow!

**Anne** said...

What a lovely selection of photos. Thanks for sharing.
Anne xx

Little Blue Mouse said...

Mmm, that birthday cake looks scrumptious!

Kat Pearce said...

Hi,I'm your swap partner from Joys blog. What a great selection of photos! I am enjoying reading your posts, you have a lovely blog. Am looking forward to our swap :o) x

Rustic Vintage Country said...

Lovely selection and thanks for sharing. Suzy from rusticvintagecountry xx

Paula said...

Lovely photos. I like your door as I've a thing for red doors I also really like the little unit where you keep your eggs.

Patricia said...

Great set of photos. A dozen eggs - never thought of that one - eggsellent!

Anonymous said...

eventually i find the time to go blog hopping with no pressure. I have found you and enjoyed reading about your photos. looking forward to reading more posts x
shelley All4meggymoo

Crafts @ Home said...

Hi there Lizzy, what a lovely blog, and fantastic photos for this months hunt,