Sunday, 6 January 2013


I am itching to get outside and get things growing!  Sorted out the seed basket and seem to have quite a lot of stuff  

Made a list of what I really need and it is quite short:
  1. carrots
  2. potatoes
  3. sweet peas
  4. tomatoes - just ordinary, got lots of cherry and beef stake ones 
Spent a while browsing through all the catalogues at all the wonderful things to grow and to help your plants grow!
Last year we had a lot of problems with slugs- like most people?  I have read about a natural slug repellent called Sluggone, which is pelleted sheep's wool and is supposed to keep them off as they don't like the feel of wool.

Carrots are supposed to be easy to grow, but last year I sowed them 4 times, the first two did not come up, the 3rd the tops got eaten by something and the 4th got carrot fly.  We had spent hours stapling plastic sheeting all around the bed and sprinkling dried lavender as Basil from the plot next door said it would work!  So this year I have ordered some Envirormesh- the carrot flies cannot get through it- ha ha!
 In to the greenhouse this morning!  sowed some cherry tomatoes, sweetpeas, salvia and broadbeans, it might be a bit early, but we will see.  My friend gave me these plant markers, they are lolly sticks painted in that lovely Farrow and Ball greeny bluey grey paint.
 Growing peas in drainpipes! 


joy said...

great minds think alike, I started off tomatoes yesterday - for indoor growing, and soaked some sweetpeas.
Happy growing, and lets hope its not so wet this year!
Joy xx

Dawn said...

I'm looking forward to veggie growing too. Beer traps sunk into the ground are good for slugs too.

Tammy Chrzan said...

I didn't know gardening started this early!! Id love to garden but I've never tried, it gets so hot here in Texas everything seems to burn up and die!!
When I lived in England for 4 years I lived in peterborough and also have close friends in corby... visiting ......its more to remeness really!
Please tell your daughter well done on the driving!! I'm telling you I'm the biggest chicken!! I drive all over here at home, but not in London!
Do you grow flowers as well?

Do you grow flowers as well?

Tammy Chrzan said...

Sorry for the repeat! I'm on my Phone!!

Tammy Chrzan said...

Okokok... I just read your profile that you do grow flowers!!! And you have 3 chickens!!! Awesome!!