Friday, 4 January 2013


Happy Birthday Alice! Born on the 3rd January, but I am not allowed to tell you how old she is, because it is too old.  She would like to stick at 21, just like me, I have been 21 for years!  It's a bit like playing pontoon, when you get to 21 you just say stick.

So hot on the heels of Christmas and before 12th night I have to take down my Christmas cards so there is room on the mantelpiece for her cards, and oh dear she only gets them there for one week and then we have another birthday, someone else is really going to be 21!  And Granny says that she is feeling old!!

 Alice and I drove to Westfield, the Shopping centre in Stratford, London.  which was built as part of the Olympics.  We have never driven there before, always taken the train.  Followed the Satnav up the motorway and then headed down into London.  Saw a big red bus and thought we must be nearly there and then straight ahead we spied the Shard and the Gerkhin, yes we are driving in London!  The sign said turn left for the car park and the WHOOOA that looks just like the velodrome on our left and that looks just like the Basket Ball stadium and oh look there is the Main Stadium.  We just seemed to drive right through the middle of the Olympic park.  It looked like it did a few weeks before it opened, with stuff everywhere.  Parked the car and this was the view- quite impressive.  But the best bit was that it only cost £4 to park all day- bargain.
Some serious birthday shopping done and we headed home.
Later Granny and Grandad joined us for a meal in a lovely restaurant on the banks of the river Stour in Dedham.  They don't do cocktails, but managed to make a special one!


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Tammy Chrzan said...

You drove in London??? You are a brave brave woman!! lol...
I am way too chicken to attempt that! Those people are crazy drivers! Especially those buses, and when people are ricing cycles right along side.. crazyness!! :)
Your daughter and you could be sisters, I'm not just saying that, you're absolutely gorgeous and so is your daughter... My kids are growing way too fast and I'm almost positive you will agree that your daughter has grown too fast as well, before you know it we will both be grandparents!!! What the!?! How did that happen?? :)