Friday, 26 October 2012

Birthday girl socks

Today is my little sisters birthday. I won't mention her exact age, but it could be over 30!  She is far away on the other side of the world in Hong Kong.  Sent her these socks that I knitted.  Can put the photo on here now because I know that she has opened the parcel - hope she likes them.
Hope that they keep her feet warm, but not sure that she needs them there, I think it is rather warm.  Never mind, she will need them when she comes home in January!!

I took the pattern from the book Knit Socks! by Betsy Lee McCarthy.  The tops are a lace pattern, followed by 3 rows of flowers and then green and blue stripes, the flowers are repeated on the heal.  They were quite challenging to knit, but won me first prize in the village spring show.

I have also found another swap to take part in Mad about bags This is a Christmas Cracker swap.  Looks like fun!

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VintageVicki said...

Lucky sister, those socks are gorgeous :)