Tuesday, 9 October 2012


 I have finished some knitting!  Have had loads of projects on the go but these are done.  A pair of socks for my son (aka Bigfoot!!) will be  a Christmas present.  Knitted from a yarn that self stripes the pattern, so clever how it does it, all you have to do is knit!

I have decided to join in with this Christmas swap.  I found it on Vintage Vickis blog  Which then linked to Faith, Hope and Charity Shopping's website
who is organising the swop.  I have seen these on various blogs and it seems that you are matched up with someone and swap a present, there are some rules about how many items you can swap and how much the maximum spend is.  It also has to link to a Christmas carol or song, which will get me thinking.  Just hope I can find some good things to go in the parcel.
Christmas swap!!


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Stephanie Beall said...

I love socks! Those are so pretty. It seems like the only patterns I find are for knitting and I only know how to crochet. Someday I'd like to try to make a pair!