Sunday, 28 October 2012


Well, that's it.  Summer is over.  The clocks went back last night and the winter weather arrived yesterday morning.

Heavy rain made Saturday morning shopping fun, trying to hold a handbag, umbrella and a shopping trolley loaded up with fruit and veg is a little tricky. It was 3 degrees when I got back and then the rain turned to sleet.  Indoor jobs then...

Bottled some parsnip wine, which was made last winter, it was drinkable but not quite ready.  Also racked some other wine.  Racking is syphoning the wine from one demi john to another, leaving the sediment in the bottom.  This helps to clear the wine.

Also made a couple of loaves of bread and a cherry cake, yes all the cherries sunk to the bottom again, even though I coated them in flour.

This morning started with the first frost of the winter but dry and bright so we went to the allotment, first ones there just after 8 am (new time!)

 Planted the onions.  The white ones are Troy and the red are called Red Cross.  Tried to plant them far enough apart to give room to hoe between.  I usually put them too close.
Then Basil our plot neighbour called over to say did I want to pick some chrysanthemums.  I went over to find him pounding something in a barrel with a stick.  He said he had 6 dead rats in it which he was going to incinerate (AHHHHHH)  but the barrel had filled with water and he was trying to make a hole in the bottom.  Oh dear, I am not keen on rats to say the least, didn't go any closer, picked the flowers as quick as I could and hurried back.
They do look lovely though.

The rain then started again and it turned colder and we hurried home.  Time for another indoor job.  I am getting low on soap so needed to make some more, homemade is so much better than shop, does not dry your hands out, I never need to use hand cream.

First thing I need to check my supplies and decide what sort I am going to make.  This is the exciting bit - all the bottles and potions that I have collected

Today I decide on rose with added rose petals.  Wanted to colour it pink so used some paprika.
Melt the oils in the pan, add the caustic soda (with goggles, mask and rubber gloves on) then stir.  After a bit the mixture thickens, I add the rose petals and essential oil and then pour into the moulds.
I will leave these to harden with a towel over them for a couple of days and resist all temptation to poke them with my finger.  Must wear gloves to touch the soap until it is cured.  After one or two days the soap is taken out of the moulds and then put on the shelf for 4 weeks when it will be ready to use.

A bit of ironing, easy baked potatoes for tea, a bit of knitting and then the Strictly results show.  I think that will be it for one weekend!

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Stephanie Beall said...

Your weekend sounds wonderful! I have always wanted to make soap, but it seems so intimidating. The way you describe it sounds easy though. The chrysanthemums are gorgeous :)