Thursday, 4 October 2012


Every Autumn I start the "Great Garden Tidy up for the Winter" and never seem to finish it.  I have started a little earlier this year, and intend to finish.  I think that I always start quite optimistically when the days are still quite light and warm and then suddenly the clocks change, the days are short and freezing cold.  Therefore I really need to get this all done before the end of the month............  watch this space!
These are the tasks that I intend to complete:

  1. scrub, treat and put away the wooden table and chairs and take down the gazebo before it blows away.
  2. clear all the outside tomato's.  Wash the bags and pots and put away.
  3. Tidy the shed so that I can fit all the furniture and pots in it
  4. Tidy front garden - clearing all the dead plants, weeding and tackling the Budliea.
  5. Chop down the hollyhocks from 
  6. the side of house
  7. Wash and put away any other pots.

 I have scrubbed the wooden table and chairs and then treated with preservative.  It needs two coats and the chairs are quite fiddly with lots of different parts, so takes a while. TASK COMPLETED.

The shed has been sorted, de-cobwebbed and swept out.  Everything put back in an orderly fashion!  TASK COMPLETED 
and then Whoops!  a task that was not on the list got done, I think that this is why I never finish the "Great Garden Tidy up for Winter"  I remembered that the Barbecue needed cleaning.  It has not really bean a barbecue summer but we still managed to have one while I was PUTTING MY FEET UP and it didn't get cleaned after.
A quick soak and scrub of the grid and brush out the ashes and ready to go.....


I have started on the tomato plants and somebody started on the Budliea (which looks a little lop sided at the moment) but still a little bit to do.


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