Wednesday, 31 October 2012


TRICK! I shout out as I open the door dressed in by best witches outfit- Black hat and green and black striped tights (skirt and jumper too!)
 They never have a trick, only want a treat.  My cauldron (preserving pan) is filled with sweets - chocolate eyeballs, milky way stars and haribos.

 This was the front of my house before it got dark- the black things are bats and the poster says Wicked witch lives here!

 This is it after dark, with all the candles alight.  Its very windy here tonight and the candle keep blowing out, especially the ones in the tin cans.

And a close up of my pumpkin which has been much admired by all the parents that have been coming around with their children.

Its a little bit of fun to brighten up the first week of such early dark nights and the real beginning of winter.


Tammy Chrzan said...

I love love love the bats!!! And the pumpkin!! YES! Gorgeous!

moonstruckcreations said...

How lovely, I bet those treats didnt last long!

Im delighted to be your partner for the Christmas Cracker swap!

My email is

Look forward to hearing from you and finding out your likes/dislikes etc!