Wednesday, 3 October 2012


 In the spring I bought a magazine with some free seeds attached.  There were two types of pumpkin, Jack O Lantern and Massive also some courgettes and patty pan squash.  I decided to have a go at growing the pumpkins and planted the seeds in pots in the greenhouse.  They soon grew and we planted them on some spare space on the allotment.  Nothing much happened for weeks and then I noticed some Flowers and then some baby pumpkins developing.  They grew bigger and bigger and then over the last couple  of weeks The Jack O Lanterns changed from green to orange.  The Massive ones stayed pale orange and knobbly.  I decided that it was time to harvest, before we get any frosts and we bought them home.  So what shall I do with them?

Here is Alice with all 13 pumpkins that I have grown!  
Roll on Halloween.......

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